Which devices (PC, tablet, iPad, etc.) does ProKnow support?

Functionality Supported by: All Devices

ProKnow works with most modern browsers (both desktop and mobile) when viewing the site. Therefore, you can use your tablet device (Android, iPad, Surface, etc.) to get general information, read the news/blog page, use online help, download documents, watch videos, or use interactive tools such as plan study population statistics.

Functionality Supported by: Laptops, Desktops, and the Microsoft Surface

In order to draw contours, or navigate or manipulate CT or MR images using our powerful web-based interface, ProKnow requires a true pointing device (mouse or trackpad) such as those with laptops and desktop computers. Devices that utilize "touch events" such as Android tablets and iPads will not work, even if they are equipped with a stylus or "screen pen".

Some tablets (most notably the Microsoft Surface) convert screen touch events to mouse events and are fully compatible with the site. At this time, the Microsoft Surface is the only tablet that we officially support.

Future Support for All Tablets

We understand that many people have iPads and other tablets and wish to use them to access ProKnow, and we have plans to support all tablets in the near future.

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