Special Notes Regarding Gamma Knife Plans

If you are using the GammaPlan treatment planning system for Gamma Knife radiosurgery, you may receive the following error when you upload your plan to ProKnow.

The input DICOM object type (RadiotherapyPlan) could not be built from the input file. Error: Error loading RT Plan: [DICOM] Error reading DICOM dataset for file . Original error: [DICOM] Beam specified X jaw collimation but the control point does not contain X jaw information.

The error message means that the beam objects specify there is an x-jaw collimator, but the info for where the jaws are located is empty or null. This is a DICOM violation, so ProKnow rejects your plan. Until complete Plan export functionality is available in GammaPlan, you may download the file below to use instead. Simply download the file and upload it in place of the one exported by GammaPlan. Please note that this means that any computed plan metrics such as "Estimated Beam-On Time" will be inaccurate. You will still need to export your dose file from Gamma Plan and upload it to ProKnow.

Link to GammaPlan Dummy Plan

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