Understanding Permission Levels for an Organization

Organization members can have owner, manager, member, or collaborator roles:

  • Owners have complete administrative access to your organization. This role should be limited to a few people in your organization.
  • Managers are able to effectively manage all aspects of the organization (similar to owners), except that they are unable to promote or demote other managers or owners. This role should be limited to people whom you trust to manage the users of your organization, as well as those that you trust to manage any private plan studies and private contouring structures.
  • Members are the default role for everyone else. Members can see all users that belong to the organization, as well as any private plan studies or private contouring structures (although they may not be able to access these items, depending on their individual access levels).
  • Collaborators are intended for individuals who are not explicitly a member of your organization but whom you wish to grant access to organization resources. Collaborators are not able to see any other users that belong to the organization, nor can they see any private data within the organization to which they have not been granted explicit access.

The following table details the specific actions that each type of role can perform:

Organization action Owners Managers Members Collaborators
Invite users to join the organization X X    
View and revoke invitations to join the organization X X    
Promote and demote members to a manager or owner X      
Remove members and collaborators from the organization X X    
Remove managers and owners from the organization X      
Able to remove themselves from an organization X X X X
See all members and groups within the organization X X X  
Create, delete, and manage groups X X    
Manage private plan studies owned by the organization X X    
Manage private contouring structures owned by the organization X X    
Manage organization profile and settings X X    
Manage join request links and approve/reject requests X X    
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