Contouring Accuracy Access for an Organization

People with owner or manager roles can manage access to private contouring structures via groups. Each private contouring structure can have different access control permissions, allowing for fine-grained control of who can see and access your organization's private contouring structures.

There are three types of access levels that can be allowed on private contouring structures:

  • Organization access allows anyone belonging to the organization (i.e., owners, managers, members, and collaborators) to see the structure.
  • Members-only access allows only explicit members of the organization (i.e., owners, managers, and members) to see the structure.
  • Specific-group access only allows people who belong to one or more of a specified set of groups to see the structure. This is the most restrictive access level and provides the ability to grant access to specific people within the organization (via groups).
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