Inviting New Users Via Email


Organization owners and managers have the ability to invite new users to join an organization. During the invitation process, you are able to select the appropriate role for the users, as well as assign them to one or more groups within the organization.

Inviting Users to Join Your Organization

The following steps describes the process for inviting users to join an organization:

  1. In the top right corner of ProKnow, click your profile name, then click My Organizations:


  2. From the My Organizations page, click on the particular organization that you wish to manage:


  3. From the organization page, click the People tab to see a list of all users within the organization. From there you can click the Invite Users button to launch the invitation wizard:


  4. The invitation wizard walks you through the process of inviting users to your organization. You begin by entering one or more email address to receive an invitation to join your organization. Click the Next button once you have entered your email addresses:



    You may provide a list of email addresses separated by commas, spaces, or new lines. You may invite up to 50 email addresses at one time.

  5. The next page allows you to select a role for the new members and optionally add the new members to one or more groups within the organization. Begin by selecting the appropriate role:


  6. Once you've selected an appropriate role, you can choose to add the users to one or more existing groups within the organization. To accomplish this, click on the Select an existing group... dropdown and click on the group to which you wish to add the users:


  7. Once selected, make sure you click the Add button to add the group to the list:


  8. Once the group has been added to the list, it should appear in the invitation wizard:


  9. Once you added all groups to the list, you can click the Send button to send the invitations:


  10. If successful, you will be presented with a success message allowing you to return to either the list of people in the organization, or the list of pending invitations:


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