Managing Email Invitations


Organization owners and managers have the ability to manage pending invitations to the organization. This allows them to see the list of invitations currently pending, as well as revoke any invalid or expired invitations. Note that if you are looking for instructions on how to create new invitations, please refer to the Inviting New Users Via Email article.

Viewing Pending Invitations to an Organization

The following steps describe the process for viewing all pending within an organization and to access the invitation management controls (if you are an owner or manager of the organization to which the user belongs):

  1. In the top right corner of ProKnow, click your profile name, then click My Organizations:


  2. From the My Organizations page, click on the particular organization that you wish to manage:


  3. From the organization page, click the Manage tab to access the management panel:


  4. From the Manage tab, click the Invitations category to view a list of pending invitations:


Revoking Invitations to an Organization

Organization owners and managers can revoke any pending invitations to the organization. The following steps describe the process of revoking invitations:

  1. Begin by following the instructions for Viewing Pending Invitations to an Organization. This will take you to the Invitation panel within the Manage tab.
  2. From the Invitation panel, click the Revoke link for the invitation you wish to revoke:


  3. You will be prompted to make sure that you wish to remove the user from the organization, click on the Yes, Revoke button to confirm revoking the invitation:


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