Special Notes Regarding Cyberknife Plans

Many CyberKnife (CK) users do not have the ability to export an RT Plan file; they only can export an RT Dose. ProKnow requires both a plan and a dose, so for CK users there is a “dummy plan” that must accompany your dose uploads to allow plan quality calculations. Estimated “beam on” time of course cannot be calculated when using the dummy plan, but plan scoring will work. The dummy plan can be downloaded using the link below.

Link to dummy plan

Also, the CK TPS calculates dose at very high resolution (often < 1 mm) and the user cannot edit the resolution. This may result in very large dose grids and therefore large RT Dose files. Minimizing the dose grid size to cover only (but all of) the critical anatomy is very important, otherwise very large dose files can be cumbersome. ProKnow will not accept any RT Dose files larger than 100 MB in size, and files < 50 MB for CK plans should be the goal, provided the grid covers all critical anatomy.

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