Getting Started in an Organization


If you are a member of an organization on ProKnow, that organization may provide you access to private plan studies or contouring instances. This article covers how to get started in an organization on ProKnow. If you are an organization manager, please visit About Organizations.

Using the Organization Dashboard

To see a list of organization you belong to, click your profile name in the top right corner, and click My Organizations from the dropdown. You may click on an organization to view its members or to leave an organization (see Leaving an Organization).

Switching the Selected Organization

From the Contouring Accuracy or Plan Studies page, open the Select Organization dropdown located in the upper right quadrant of the page. Switch to a different organization by selecting it from the list.

In addition to any private organizations that you're a member of, you will also have access to public organizations within ProKnow. ProKnow, AAMD, and TROG Cancer Research are all examples of public organizations in ProKnow that provide access to various public plan studies and/or contouring instances.

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