Can I submit multiple plans (e.g., using different TPS) to a Plan Study?

A common question is whether users can submit multiple plans (e.g., plans created using different treatment planning systems and/or delivery modalities) to a public or private plan study. ProKnow currently only supports a single submission per user, per plan study. However, we encourage users who wish to provide additional solutions developed using substantially different methods to create a secondary account with an alternate email address to submit their alternate plan. When submitting multiple plans under different accounts, there are a few important things to consider.

Any submissions will only count towards the achievements of the account that made the submission. In other words, there is no way to share or combine achievement points between multiple accounts. As such, you'll want to always submit the best plan under your "primary" account to ensure that you get maximum points towards any achievement levels you might be trying to earn.

We encourage limiting these types of "multiple submissions" to when alternate plans are created using substantially different techniques (e.g., different treatment planning systems and/or different delivery modalities). Comparing different techniques is an important aspect of the Plan Study Program, so more data along this spectrum is valuable, however, submitting multiple plans that use the same TPS and delivery modality and simply vary in terms of quality does not add substantial information to the population.

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